PCB Design




The development of each project begins with the acquisition of the specifications provided by the customer. Generally the circuit diagram, the bill of material and the mechanical dimensions are enough.
Together with the customer, the routing rules, the voltages, the currents and the regulations that must be respected are defined.
Furthermore, if required, we can also develop the PCB with a view to ICT test.


Schematic ANALYSIS

The engineering of the PCB begins with the compilation of the circuit diagram to generate the netlist.
The next step is to parameterize the PCB based on the mechanical specifications received.
In this phase, collaboration with the customer is important to define the various aspects of the design, with the aim of obtaining the best solution for the producibility and reliability of the product.



Let's get to the heart of the actual design of the PCB.
In agreement with the customer, the layout will be created with Mentor Graphics Xpedition or with Altium Designer.
A viewer will be provided to the customer based on the chosen CAD software, so he can evaluate the work in the various intermediate phases related to the project development.
Once completed the development of the PCB will be verified with the various tools of DRC, DFF and DFM, with the aim of ensuring correct producibility.

3D MULTIBOARD System Design


Both development tools, Mentor Graphics Xpedition and Altium Designer, also allow 3D board design. In the case of complex multiboard projects, the design flow simultaneously contains all the devices that are part of the project. In this way, it is possible to have a complete view of the assembly of the boards that will make up the equipment, analyzing any mechanical interference or incorrect couplings. Upon completion of the project all the material necessary for final verification and approval by the customer will be sent.

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