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Fast Prototyping

NPI, Fast Prototyping & Production


DFM & DFT Analysis

The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process for the New Product Introduction (NPI) is at the end of the design phase.
The output data in IPC-2581 and ODB ++ formats are analyzed for any problems, they may concern both the manufacture of the PCB and the assembly of the board.
Electronic Design takes charge of this analysis to provide customers with assembled boards, reducing waste, respecting delivery times and any problems of product reliability.
With the Design for Testing (DFT) process we accompany the customer in choosing the best system to test the boards based on production volumes.


Procurement & Fast PROTOTYPING

We can provide prototypes of PCB, assembled boards and complete equipment in a very short time, to give the customer the opportunity to proceed with tests and evaluation of the final product.
We are able to produce complex boards even in 5/6 working days.
For PCB we can supply them with delivery in 2 working days.



We are also able to follow the customer in the production of large volume electronic boards.
Through our ERP software we are able to coordinate the production by carrying out an accurate production analysis, checking the availability of the components at selected distributors and managing the assembly in collaboration with our partner assemblers, always taking into account the best price/quality.


Functional TESTING

We are able to perform or manage tests of electronic boards with custom bed of nails systems with or without programming of microprocessors on board.
We can also design specific testing systems in collaboration with the customer.


Conformal COATING

The protection technique of the electronic boards through the conformal coating provides for the dispensing of a protective film that adheres perfectly to the surface of the board.
The main purpose is to provide protection against various environmental factors, which can adversely affect the functionality of the electronic board.
With conformal coating it is possible to increase the electrical insulation based on the degree of surface pollution, also improving protection against thermal cycles and mechanical shocks.
Typically the resins used are of two types:
- Acrylics
- Silicone
The thickness can vary from 25um to 150um depending on the resin used.
To verify the correct deposition of the conformal coating, resins with UV tracer are used. In this way it is possible to check any paint defects and contamination of the connector contacts by using a UV lamp.
For boards with BGA we can adopt Sealing, generally approved for military applications. Then we proceed with the standard conformal coating, in this way the repair of BGA is simplified.


Labeling & PACKAGING

Our production processes of electronic boards always provide for the application of labels which, depending on the use, indicate the production batch with or without serial number, for a correct management of the product traceability in the post sale.
Upon customer request, we can supply boards or equipment packed in a package suitable for identifying the product and transporting it.

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